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Website Resort Bali – Tavisamira Beach Club & Resort

Website Resort Bali

Website Resort Bali – This is a place where nature ‘s serenity, combines with the power of the waves. Where the passion of the day, drifts away with the night winds. There is always a party going on. Be it a band or a DJ, during the afternoon or evening.

The beauty of Tavisamira lies in the marriage of the hype of lifestyle,the robust foundation, and also the rich beauty. This is a place to enjoy and be merry. A competition of none, a paradise on earth, a one of kind experience.

Facilities in this villa:

1. Private pool
2. Fully Furnished
3. Lobby & Business Center
4. Beach Lounge & Dining
5. Wedding Chapel
6. Beach Club

Enjoy the rhythm of the sea with our Beach Lounge and dining. Let it imbue your senses with more and more tantalizing treats.

ProjectTavisamira Beach Club & Resort
Launch21 April 2017
TypeCompany Profile

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